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We provide competitive rates and unsurpassed customer service for any type of insurance need you may have. To get an insurance quote, please call our agents. They will advise you on the best package for your needs and provide individual quotes.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance helps you protect you and your family against financial loss in case of a Vehicular accident or other cause of loss. It covers the injuries and damage caused by an accident and also the injuries and damage for which you are legally responsible. It may also cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it is damaged or stolen. We offer a variety of coverage plans based on your specific needs. If you have a good driving record, we can offer you very competitive insurance rates. Even if your record isn't perfect, we still have companies that offer good rates.

Homeowner Insurance

Your home is perhaps your most valuable possession. You need the best home insurance coverage available at a reasonable price. Insurance can help you with your peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a covered loss, your damaged home will be rebuilt and your destroyed belongings will be replaced. The homeowners insurance can be extended with additional options, such as earthquake or flood protection, increased limits for business personal property (medical equipment, medical library, home office), increased costs for demolition and building, or any other insurance need.

Commercial Insurance

If you have a business or are self-employed, Commercial Insurance is a must. We can help find the coverage you need, at a competitive rate, to make sure you are covered completely.

Travel Insurance

Whether traveling to another Province, another Country, or the United States, your British Columbia Medical Services Health Plan does not provide you with full coverage outside the Province. We can help cover you for those one off trips, or to cover you Annually if you are going over the Border constantly for Shopping or Services.

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